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Solid State Sound TransPedal-Classic Transcription Footpedal

  • Simulates a tape/cassette transcription floor-pedal

  • Works with Windows Media Player via the supplied software plug-in

  • Works with Quicktime on a Mac via the supplied software plug-in

  • Enables foot control of Play, Pause, Rewind & Fast Forward modes

  • Virtually unbreakable - much stronger and more robust than cheap competitor footpedals

  • Keeps your hands free to type the audio contents of a digital file

  • USB connection

  • Easy installation

  • Compatible with Windows & Mac

  • Can be used with PC's speakers or our TransPhones for more privacy



Solid State Sound TransPhones Transcription Headphones




Please note that TransPedal Classic has been superseded by our NEW


So if you'd prefer to buy our latest

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  • TransPedal-Classic Transcription Foot-Pedal

  • TransPhones Transcription Headphones

  • TransKit-Classic = a set of one of each of the above

This is the Classic version of our TransPedal. It's been very successful but it's been around since 2005 and so we've updated it with a more modern version - nicer looking, more comfortable to use and with cleaner lines. You can read about (and buy) the new TransPedal-2015 here.


So why did we bring out our new TransPedal-2015? Well, quite apart from the fact this old one is beginning to look a bit dated, we've found that most users prefer to transcribe with dedicated software that has been written for the job, rather than work with a plug-in for someone else's software (Windows Media Player or QuickTime). Hence our new TransPedal-2015 works only with its own easy-to-use browser-based transcription software (as well as many other optional third party software packages, if preferred).


However, we recognise that there may still be a few customers who wish to transcribe using Windows Media Player or QuickTime plug-ins or may already have some TransPedals and do not wish to change. And that's why we still offer it, albeit with a new name: TransPedal Classic.


So here it is. A simple and straightforward foot-pedal device that plugs into one of your your computer's USB sockets and enables digital audio files to be transcribed just like in the bad old days of tape and cassette. TransPedal Classic comes with plug-ins for use with Windows Media Player (for use on a PC) and QuickTime (for use with a Mac).


Our TransPhones are comfortable, high quality, under-chin headphones you can plug into your PC for private listening to the audio you need to transcribe. Our TransKit Classic is a set of both of these items purchased together (you may also purchase them separately - see below).

Before solid state digital recording came along,
people who needed to transcribe the contents of their recordings onto paper used to plug a footswitch into the recorder, put on their headphones and type up their recordings while foot-stopping and foot-starting the clunky cassette transport (stretching the tape and hating the hiss).

Then along came solid state digital recording.
Solid State Sound TransPhones Transcription Headphones No tape or hiss, but how to stop and start the recordings while you transcribe them to paper? Use a mouse or keyboard? You must be joking.

Thank goodness for the Solid State Sound TransPedal-2015 & TransPedal Classic with TransPhones. Now court reporters, oral history recordists, security companies, government departments and many others can easily transcribe their new-fangled solid state sound recordings just like they used to. Our TransPedals deliver even more control too. Basic Stop/Start (foot up/down) control is provided as well as Rewind (in case you missed something) and and Fast Forward (in case you want to miss something out).


Works with Windows Media Player and QuickTime

TransPedal Classic comes with a CD-ROM containing two choices of add-in: if you have a PC there's a simple plug-in for Windows Media Player*; if you use a Mac you get a simple plug-in for QuicktTime**. Full instructions are provided on the CD. Can't be simpler than that.

USB Connection

Once you've installed the Windows Media Player or QuickTime plug-in, just physically connect your TransPedal Classic into any free USB socket on your computer, plug your TransPhones in to your headphone jack and you're away. Your computer's operating system will recognise the TransPedal Classic straight away - you don't need to do anything.

Open an audio file and off you go!

Once you've copied your audio files across to your computer, just select the one you want in Windows Media Player or QuickTime and start it up with your mouse (or foot), then Pause/Play and REW/FF to your heart's content, as you type away.



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Solid State Sound TransPedal-Classic transcription foot-pedal with Windows Media Player & QuickTime Plug-Ins



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Solid State Sound TransPhones under-chin transcription headphones (one set)







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