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Remote Controller for HS-8

  • 20 illuminated flash start keys

  • Colour TFT touch screen interface

  • Transport and Online buttons recessed to prevent accidental operation

  • 100mm fader with fader start and 0dB lock

  • CAT6 connection to HS-8

  • Monitor speaker and headphone output for monitoring

The TASCAM RC-HS20PD controls the HS-8 (and HS-2) solid-state recorders. It offers flash start with 20 dedicated, illuminated buttons and further control through a colour TFT touch screen interface - which can be used for the same operations as the display on the connected HS-8 (or HS-2). Five pages of instantaneous playback start (flash start) are available for a total of 100 tracks. A 100mm fader includes fader start for broadcast use, and a 0dB lock is available for the fader. Also included are a monitor speaker and headphone output. The RC-HC20PD connects to recorder with a supplied 5m CAT6 cable.


Rear panel of RC-HS20PD





Studio 8-Track Solid State Sound Recorder

TASCAM's HS-8 is an Industry Standard for professional multi-channel recording and playback using solid-state media. From studio surround recording to post production playback of HS-P82 location recordings, the HS-8 fits a variety of multi-channel roles. Also true to TASCAM tradition, audio is top-quality throughout with up to 192kHz/24-bit recording.

Like Tascam's HS-P82 location multi-track, the HS-8 uses a colour touch-screen interface to access settings and tracks. A mixer is built-in for monitoring, and the stereo mix can be recorded live as a separate track. Audio is recorded as Broadcast WAV files to Compact Flash media, with SMPTE timecode available on various interfaces.

The optional RC-HS20PD remote control (left) enables the HS-8 to instantly start playback of up to 100 takes (flash-start) directly, or by using the fader start/stop option. The built-in TFT colour touch screen can be used for the same operations as the display on the connected HS-8. The RC-HS20PD is connected to the HS-8 with a CAT6 cable, enabling control of the HS-8 from up to 10m away (5m cable included with product).

TASCAM's HS-8 is very versatile, with the instant access, ease-of-use, and sound quality studio and post professionals demand.

Also available: the Tascam HS-2 stereo solid-state recorder with timecode.


  • High-quality 8-track recorder

  • Uses secure CompactFlash cards as recording media

  • Dual CompactFlash slot
    UDMA support ensures direct, fast data transfer between internal memory and CF media

  • Uses broadcast wave format (BWF) with industry-standard iXML metadata

  • 8 tracks with 2 additional tracks for a monitor mix at 48/44.1 kHz sample rates

  • 8 tracks at 96/88.2 kHz sample rates

  • 4 tracks at 192/176.4 kHz sample rates

  • 16/24-bit recording resolution

  • Multi-track flash start capability (instantaneous playback start by optional remote control, parallel control, RS-232C serial control or computer keyboard

  • Internal mixer for stereo monitoring and submix to an additional stereo track

  • Easy to read and operate through TFT colour touch panel interface

  • Pre-recording up to 5 seconds (audio is captured before the record button is actually pressed)

  • Locate marker function (auto/manual)

  • Auto Cue, Auto Ready, Incremental Play and Repeat functions

  • 8 balanced analogue inputs and outputs on 25-pin D-Sub connectors

  • 2 balanced XLR inputs and outputs for stereo mix track

  • 8 AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs on 25-pin D-Sub connector

  • AES/EBU digital input and output (XLR) for stereo mix track

  • 8-track ADAT digital optical input and output

  • Parallel control port

  • Serial control port (RS-422 or RS-232C format)

  • Remote connector for optional flash start controller (RC-HS20PD)

  • SMPTE Timecode input/output

  • Video sync input (supports NTSC/PAL, BB and HD Tri-level)

  • Word sync input/output (BNC)

  • Computer keyboard (PS/2) connector for easy naming of files and folders

  • Mirroring and continuous recording between two CF cards

  • Data exchange with external storage devices via USB connection

  • Gigabit Ethernet connection for data transfer, remote control or remote monitoring

  • Cascade input/output for synchronization of multiple machines (BNC)

  • BWF-J file format support for broadcast applications

  • Playlist function





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