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Tascam HS-20 2-Track Solid State Recorder



Remote Controller for HS-20

  • 20 illuminated flash start keys

  • Colour TFT touch screen interface

  • Transport and Online buttons recessed to prevent accidental operation

  • 100mm fader with fader start and 0dB lock

  • CAT6 connection to HS-20

  • Monitor speaker and headphone output for monitoring

Tascam RC-HS20PD Remote Controller

The TASCAM RC-HS20PD controls the HS-20 0 solid-state recorder. It offers flash start with 20 dedicated, illuminated buttons and further control through a colour TFT touch screen interface - which can be used for the same operations as the display on the connected HS-20. Five pages of instantaneous playback start (flash start) are available for a total of 100 tracks. A 100mm fader includes fader start for broadcast use, and a 0dB lock is available for the fader. Also included are a monitor speaker and headphone output. The RC-HC20PD connects to recorder with a supplied 5m CAT6 cable.


Tascam RC-HS20PD Remote Controller, Rear Panel

Rear panel of RC-HS20PD






Professional 2-Track Solid State Sound Recorder with Network Functionality

The HS-20 is based on Tascam’s robust range of broadcast recorders, but built for the needs of contractors. This stereo recorder captures audio to SD or CompactFlash (CF) media and makes recordings available on a network for instant remote access. The unit’s network functionality is designed for automated recording and delivery without supervision.

The HS-20 can function as a file server so that recordings can be manually downloaded over a network. There is also client software to automatically upload files to a server on the user’s schedule, with the option to delete the files when finished. Automated recording and playback are available, while the internal clock is synchronized to any internet time server.

The HS-20 is equipped with solid transport buttons, a weighted jog/shuttle wheel, and a colour TFT touchscreen display. The rear panel includes balanced and unbalanced analogue connectors as well as SPDIF and AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs. RS-232C and parallel control interfaces are also provided. The unit records audio material to broadcast wave format files with resolutions up to 192 kHz at 24 bit.

Ideal for installations managed over a network, the HS-20 can automate and deliver your recordings to any server.




  • High-quality stereo audio recorder for professional broadcast and recording applications

  • Two operation modes:
    - Timeline mode: Use the unit like a tape recorder
    - Take mode: Record/play separate audio takes, use playlists and flash start

  • Ideal replacement for current DAT, MD, MO or other recorders

  • Easy to read and operate through TFT colour touch screen interface

  • Dual card slot for use with SD/SDHC media and CF media (UDMA support)

  • Mirroring over two cards

  • Supports WAV format and BWF format with mark function

  • Sample rates: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz at 16/24-bit resolution

  • Pre-recording up to 5 seconds (audio is captured before the record button is actually pressed)

  • Flash start with optional flash start controller RC-HS20PD or RC-SS20

  • Built-in FTP client allows automatic uploading of recorded files to an FTP server or downloading audio files from an FTP server

  • Time-controlled execution of tasks such as recording, playback, uploading, downloading

  • Locate marker function (auto/manual)

  • Editing functions (divide, combine, erase)

  • Projects can be exported in AES31 format

  • Auto Cue, Auto Ready, Incremental Play and Repeat

  • Playlist function

  • Jog/Shuttle function

  • 2U rack-mount size

  • Inputs and Outputs:
    - Balanced analogue inputs and outputs (XLR)
    - Unbalanced analogue inputs and outputs (RCA)
    - AES/EBU input and output
    - RS-232C serial control port
    - RS-422 serial control port (with optional SY-2 sync extension)
    - Parallel control port
    - SMPTE Timecode input/output (with optional SY-2 sync extension)
    - Word/video sync input/output (BNC)
    - Gigabit Ethernet connection for data transfer or remote control
    - Remote connector for optional flash start controller
    - USB connector for data exchange with external storage devices
    - Computer keyboard (PS/2) connector for easy naming of files and folders


Tascam HS-20 2-Track Solid State Recorder, Rear Panel

HS-20 back panel

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