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4-Track  Recorder with Onboard Mixer

Designed for DSLR Videography






Tascam's award winning DR-60D is the new audio recording solution for filmmakers and videographers using DSLRs. For years filmmakers have been trying different methods for recording audio, using bulky recorders designed for music and trying to transform the inferior audio technology built-into DSLRs. Now here is the real solution DSLR videographers have been waiting for.

The DR-60D is a brand new 4-track solid state sound recorder utilizing Tascam's decades of experience. The recorder utilizes high-grade HDDA pre-amps, their legendary AD converters, and a durable but lightweight structure and shape. This device will fit snugly under any camera or into any rig, and record up to 96kHz/24-bit high quality audio straight to SD/SDHC media. Filmmakers have at their disposal two 1/4"-XLR Locking Combo MIC/LINE Inputs, 3.5mm Stereo MIC Input, Camera In, Camera Out, Line Out and Headphone Out. Both 1/4"-XLR Combo Inputs supply +48V Phantom Power and the 3.5mm Input supplies Plug-In Power for microphones requiring a bias voltage.

The DR-60D is incredibly easy to use, employing Tascam's popular user interface and external controls for every major operation. The body structure, soft-touch keys and dials are designed to help eliminate handling noise. The multiple record modes include 4-Channel Record, Auto Record and Tascam's Dual Record "Safety Track" Mode making the DR-60D one of the most versatile and highly useable recorders on the market.

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The DR-60D shown in actual use

on a studio shoot

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