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  • Compact, lightweight audio recorder that can be attached directly to a dynamic microphone* with XLR connector

  • Mono recording at 48 kHz sample rate and 24-bit resolution
    BWF (WAV) format

  • Allows inclusion of time information within audio files

  • Records to microSD/microSDHC card (up to 32 GB)

  • Dual recording safety function allows two files to be recorded simultaneously at different levels

  • Recording level can be set to High/Mid/Low

  • AGC function (Auto Gain Control)

  • Switchable limiter to prevent clipping

  • Switchable low-cut filter to reduce low-frequency noise

  • Time track increment function

  • Playback function for checking recordings via headphones

  • Built-in clock for storing time information with recordings

  • Secure locking mechanism between recorder and mic

  • OLED display with great visibility

  • Micro USB-B connector for easy data transfer with a PC/Mac

  • More than 8 hours of recording with single AAA battery

  • Settings can be created in a text file on a computer and transferred to the DR-10X via USB

An Easy-To-Use Recorder to plug your stick microphone into and just get going...

TASCAM’s compact DR-10X attaches to any handheld microphone for the ultimate compact news gathering recording system. A captive XLR connector attaches firmly to your microphone, capturing interviews at 48kHz/24-bit Broadcast WAV resolution. Offload recordings through the microUSB connection or by removing the MicroSD card.

The DR-10X has both manual and automatic gain settings, with a low cut filter and limiter to prevent overloads. The Dual Recording mode captures a copy of the audio at a lower level, so if there is distortion you have a backup safety. Recording can begin instantly by holding the record side switch while turning the unit on.

For simple-to-use ENG recording when you want to use a stick microphone but not get tangled in wiring or complex recorder setups, the DR-10X is  the recorder that just stays out of the way and lets you get on with the interview.


*Condenser microphones with internal battery power may also be used with the DR-10X. Please see our microphone suggestions below for the best ones to use with your new DR-10X.

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Tascam DR-10X Plug-On Solid State Sound Recorder







Solid State Sound SMR-8004 Stick Mic Recorder comprising:
1 x Tascam DR-10X Plug-On Recorder

1 x Audio-Technica AT8004 Report Microphone (Short Handle Omni Dynamic)




Solid State Sound SMR-8004L Stick Mic Recorder comprising:
1 x Tascam DR-10X Plug-On Recorder

1 x Audio-Technica AT8004L Report Microphone (Long Handle Omni Dynamic)




Solid State Sound SMR-8010 Stick Mic Recorder comprising:
1 x Tascam DR-10X Plug-On Recorder

1 x Audio-Technica AT8010 Report Microphone (Battery Powered Omni Condenser)




Solid State Sound SMR-8031 Stick Mic Recorder comprising:
1 x Tascam DR-10X Plug-On Recorder

1 x Audio-Technica AT8031 Report & Narration Microphone (Battery Powered Cardioid Condenser)



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The Tascam DR-10X uses...


microSD (microSDHC) Cards

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