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Audio Samples from the DR-1

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Compact Solid State Recorder for Speech & Music

The DR-1 is a compact portable stereo digital recorder that captures hours of voice or music to SD memory media. A pair of built-in variable-angle microphones allows the user to record from almost anywhere at both MP3 and WAV file formats.

Two kinds of microphone inputs are provided: one is a proper, professional 6.3mm (1/4") jack socket for an external mono microphone (a lapel mic, for instance); and the other is the usual 3.5mm mini-jack for an external stereo mic. The recorder includes auto gain control and analogue limiting for easy setup and a switchable low-frequency filter to eliminate handling or wind noise. One out of eleven effects can be applied to the input signal during recording, and a host of playback features is supplied, including pitch and key control, a cancelling function as well as a tuner and a metronome.

The DR-1 comes with a 1-Gigabyte SD card and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery for many hours of recording time. Battery charging is done via USB from your PC or laptop. An AC adapter is also available as an option. The picture on the right shows it fitted with its optional AK-DR1 Accessory Kit which you can purchase under Accessories below.



  • Portable, handheld recording

  • MP3 and WAV file recording and playback

  • Selectable recording formats:

    • 16-bit, 24-bit WAV

    • 32-, 64-, 96-, 128-, 192-, 256- or 320-KBit/s MP3

  • 48-kHz or 44.1-kHz recording resolution

  • Built-in high-quality stereo condenser microphone

  • Variable-angle microphone mechanism with A/B configuration

  • Switchable low-cut filter (80 Hz or 120 Hz)

  • Analogue auto gain control

  • Analogue limiter to prevent clipping

  • Effects can be applied to the input signal (11 presets and two variable parameters)

  • Overdub feature to add narration, singing or instruments to an existing recording

  • Stereo mic input for an external stereo microphone (mini jack)

  • Mono input to connect an external mono microphone (standard 6.3-mm jack)

  • Stereo line input for other recording sources (mini jack)

  • Headphone/Line output (stereo mini jack)

  • Playback features include:

    • Loop, repeat and single playback

    • Folder or playlist playback

    • MP3 ID3 tag display (up to version 2.4)

    • Vocal/instrument cancel feature with selectable range and pan point

    • Pitch control (50 % to +16 %)

    • VSA function (tempo control without affecting the key)

    • Key control (to tune the playback sound up or down by 16 semitones)

    • Chromatic tuner and oscillator with calibration

    • Metronome

  • 1-Gigabyte SD card included

  • USB 2.0 connection for file transfer to/from computer and recharging

  • Rechargable Lithium-ion battery

  • AC adapter available as an option


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