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Entry-level Solid State Recorder

The DR-07 is essentially a cut-down ('lite') version of their popular (but now discontinued) DR-1. It offers good recording quality and easy operation at an affordable price. The built-in stereo microphone enables you to record directly in MP3 or WAV format. Alternatively, an external mic can be connected through a mini jack, or you can use a stereo line input with adjustable level for other sources. The recorder features auto gain control and an analogue limiter, a low-cut filter with three switchable frequencies, playback pitch and key control (combined or independently), loop playback, a 2-seconds buffer to start recording before the record key is pressed, a file divide function to cut unwanted parts of a recording, a USB port and a screw socket on the bottom to attach the unit to a tripod or microphone stand. The DR-07 comes with a 2GB SD card and windshield and can be operated by two AA alkaline batteries or AA NiMH rechargeables perfect for 7 to 8 hours of recording on the road. An AC adapter is available as an option.



  • Portable, handheld recording

  • MP3 and WAV file recording and playback

  • Selectable recording formats:
    - WAV: 16-bit, 24-bit
    - MP3: 32-320 Kbps

  • 48-kHz or 44.1-kHz recording resolution

  • Built-in high-quality stereo condenser microphone

  • Switchable low-cut filter (40Hz, 80Hz, 120 Hz)

  • Analogue auto gain control

  • Analogue limiter to prevent clipping

  • Pre-recording buffer (2 seconds) allows a recording to start before the record key is pressed

  • Stereo mic input for an external stereo microphone (mini jack)

  • Stereo line input with adjustable level to connect an external source (mini jack)

  • Headphone/Line output (mini jack)

  • Loop, repeat and single playback

  • Folder or playlist playback

  • MP3 ID3 tag display (up to version 2.4)

  • Pitch control (50 % to +16 %)

  • Key control (to tune the playback sound up or down by 16 semitones)

  • VSA function (change the tempo without affecting the key)

  • File divide function (e.g. to cut unwanted noise)

  • Create a new file during recording (manually or by file size)

  • 2-Gigabyte SD card included

  • USB 2.0 connection for file transfer to/from computer

  • Powered by two AA size Alkaline or NiMH batteries (up to 7.5 hours when recording in MP3 format)

  • AC adapter available as an option (PS-P520) - see accessories below

  • Mic stand adapter on bottom side to attach the unit to a tripod or microphone stand

  • Windshield included as standard


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