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Tascam CD-500 & CD-500B Professional CD-Players

The CD-500 is an extremely compact CD player available as a standard (CD-500, unbalanced) or professional (CD-500B, balanced) version. The slimline housing comprises a slot-loading drive with reliable brushless motor as well as a full set of functions ideal for small broadcast or recording studios, theatres, touring sound companies, fitness studios or any permanent installation.

Alongside the typical play and repeat modes, the player offers many functions for professional use, such as flash start, auto cue (search for beginning of track), auto ready (automatic pause at the end of a track), call (jump to the position at which playback was last started), pitch control (16%) including the opportunity to alter the tempo while retaining the key, intro-check or fade-in/fade-out. In order to be able to integrate into media control devices and into permanent installations, there is a relay play function, fader start or event start capability, EOM signal and a serial port. Furthermore, the device can resume playback after being switched on again and can remember a variety of operating conditions after being switched off.

The CD-500 standard version has an unbalanced analogue output as well as optical and coaxial digital output. The professional version (CD-500B) provides the user with an additional XLR balanced analogue output, an AES/EBU digital output and a parallel port.


Tascam CD-500 & CD-500B Professional CD-Players, RC-500 Remote Control


The RC-500 Remote Control
that comes with the
CD-500 or CD-500B

Back Panel of CD-500

Tascam CD-500 & CD-500B Professional CD-Players, Rear Panels

Back panel of CD-500B

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Tascam CD-500 Compact Rackmounting CD Player, Unbalanced version



Tascam CD-500B Compact Rackmounting CD Player, Balanced version









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