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  • Easy-to-use, affordable CD & iDevice player

  • Balanced XLR & unbalanced phono outputs

  • SPDIF digital outputs (coaxial and optical)

  • High-quality TEAC drive (supports CD-R & CD-RW)

  • Audio CD playback

  • MP3 and WAV file playback from CD

  • iPod dock on the front panel for playback from an Apple iPod or iPhone

  • iPod/iPhone 30-pin connection

  • iPod video and s-video outputs

  • Stereo Aux In line input on front panel for audio playback from other brands of smartphone, iPads, etc.

  • Folder selection for MP3 and WAV CDs

  • Continuous, Random and Program playback modes

  • Repeat playback (Single, All, Folder)

  • Intro Check feature

  • CD text and ID3 tag support to display artist and track information if available

  • Time display (CD-DA: Elapsed, Remain, Total Remain; MP3: Elapsed)

  • 12.5 % pitch control

  • Anti-shock memory (10 seconds)

  • Headphones output with level control

  • Wireless remote control included

  • 19-inch rack-mount chassis (2U)





The CD-200iB is essentially Tascam's CD-200 rackmounting CD player with the addition of iDevice playback (iPod/iPhone) and balanced XLR analogue outputs. A sliding drawer reveals a connector dock for any Apple iPod or iPhone (Apple 30-pin connection only). An Aux-In mini-jack is also provided for other smartphones, iPads, etc. Control is available from the CD-200iB's front-panel or wireless remote, including transport control, album navigation and more. The iDevice can be charged from the dock connector, and video can even be played through an S-video jack on the rear panel.


Overall, the CD-200iB offers a simple, cost-effective media replay solution for studios, installations and PA racks delivering useful basic features such as pitch control with an on/off knob, a headphone output with level control, intro check, anti-shock memory, and a variety of convenient playback modes which can help prevent the user from making mistakes. The CD-200iB can also play back MP3 and WAV files from data CDs and display ID3 tags and CD-Text. The included wireless remote control gives access to most CD & iDevice replay features and allows a CD track to be selected directly via a 10-key pad.

The CD-200iB is just one in a range of five models in the CD-200 range. Take a look at the full range of all models in our panel below.


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The RC-CD200iL Remote Control that comes with the CD-200iB

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Back Panel of CD-200iB

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