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Top: main view of BB-1000CD showing front speaker panel, RH side panel (note SD card slot and CD Drive) and top control panel.
Middle: Front and side view of BB-800.
Bottom: left hand side panel.






TASCAM BB-1000CD | BB-800

Boom Box Style Solid State Recorders & Presenters

Tascam's BB-Series models are built to record virtually anything anywhere at CD-quality (WAV) or in MP3 format, and is able to playback music or speech via its two powerful onboard loudspeakers. Thus, it is the ideal tool for any musician, music teacher, composer, choirmaster or school. Great for both recording and presentation.

With the BB-1000CD you can record from the four built-in mics (2 on the front, 2 on the back) or external mics via its professional XLR connectors, or via its line input directly to a standard audio CD or an SD memory card. The BB-800 is just the same but records to SD cards only. Live recordings are as easy as you like - there's even a limiter to keep your recording from accidentally getting distorted. So you really don't have to be a 'techie' with the BB-Series. And later unwanted material can be removed from files with the divide function. Model BB-1000CD is even able to rip or extract tracks from an audio CD to SD card. Both models can record in uncompressed WAV format, or in MP3 format at a choice of three quality levels. The files can then be transferred to a computer by USB or card reader.

Monitoring is possible via the headphones output or the built-in loudspeakers driven by a 10-watt digital amplifier. During playback, you can choose from many useful features: Set locate markers to ease navigation within a track, use loops to repeat a marked section, change the playback tempo and/or key and make use of a metronome and a chromatic tuner. A Part Cancel feature makes practising with commercial CDs on the BB-1000CD easier by reducing the level of vocals or solo instruments.

Both of these BB-Series units can be operated by the included AC adapter or eight AA batteries (see our Batteries & Chargers section below). An infrared remote control is supplied as standard.



  • Boom box style recorders and audio presenters

  • BB-1000CD includes everything needed for digital recording to CD or SD card (BB-800 model records to SD but not CD)

  • Perfect tools to record and play everything anywhere

  • Easy operation with dedicated knobs and keys

  • BB-1000CD provides direct recording to CD-R/CD-RW (CD-DA format, 16bit / 44.1kHz)

  • BB-1000CD & BB-800 provide direct recording to SD/SDHC card
    - WAV format (16bit / 44.1kHz)
    - MP3 format (High/Mid/Low)

  • BB-1000CD lets you create audio CDs (CD-DA) from WAV or MP3 files on the SD card

  • BB-1000CD will extract audio tracks from CD-DA to SD card in WAV or MP3 format (ripping)

  • BB-1000CD will copy audio CDs (CD-DA format)

  • Four built-in microphones (switchable front/rear) for flexible setups including 360-degree recording perfect for choir and band recording or meeting minutes recording

  • Two XLR mic inputs with +48V phantom power

  • Automatic or manual recording level

  • Switchable Auto Gain Control (high/low) or limiter

  • Line input and output (RCA phono)

  • Headphones output (mini jack)

  • Two built-in 3-inch loudspeakers

  • 5 W + 5 W digital amplifier (Class D Delta-Sigma modulation with 512 times oversampling by 1-bit amplifier technology)

  • Powered with 8 x AA alkaline batteries or AC adapter (PS-1225L, included)

  • Wireless remote control supplied as standard

  • Special playback features for music lessons, language lessons, dancing schools, fitness centres etc.

  • Loop playback

  • Flash Back function to skip back by a certain amount (15 seconds)

  • Tempo change between 50 % and +16 % without affecting the key

  • Key change by 6 semi-tones without affecting the tempo

  • Part cancel feature with adjustable pan point to reduce the level of vocals or solo instruments on a given recording

  • Overdub feature to mix a solo instrument or vocals with the playback sound while recording

  • Marker function to locate to certain playback positions

  • File divide function (e.g. to cut unwanted noise from recordings)

  • Metronome with LED indicator

  • Chromatic tuner


Control Panel

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