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Our 'special offers' page. Everything here is subject to limited availability. It could be a used or an ex-demo item, or an old model, or even some new and current equipment that we have bought in for you on a better than usual deal. Or a bundle of items. Click in the condition column to see what this means in our glossary.

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Network SD/USB Solid State Sound Recorder for Installation

Taking its place as Denon's flagship recording product, the DN-700R Network SD/USB Recorder is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding installations, combining high quality audio recording with extensive network capabilities. With a powerful feature set and using the most reliable solid state recording media, the DN-700R allows AV installation professionals to replace traditional recording devices with superior solid state hardware in the widest range of applications. More...

Normally 499


Solid State, Bluetooth & CD Player with AM/FM Tuner
Combining the best of disc, wireless, and solid-state media playback, the Denon Professional DN-300Z is an all-in-one audio player you can count on when the whole room is listening. Ideal for front-of-house, education, music and rehearsal studios, houses of worship, restaurants and more, it has an answer to every request - all consolidated into a compact 1RU design. More...

Normally 329


The Ultimate Compact 6-Ch  Recorder with Onboard Mixer
The DR-701D is TASCAM's flagship recorder for single-shooter video production. A timecode generator is included for location reference, which can be jam synced from a SMPTE generator, camera, or smart slate. The HDMI in and out allows a DSLR camera to start recording on both devices, and video clock prevents drift between sound and picture. More...



Only 2 available at this price

Normally 419


8-Track Portastudio
The DP-03SD is an affordable way to get into TASCAM's famed Portastudio system of making recording simple and affordable for musicians. This 8-track digital recorder captures your music at CD quality to affordable SD/SDHC cards, and a 2GB card is included with the recorder. With built-in microphones and effects, the DP-03 provides everything musicians need to record their music. More...



Only 1 available at this price

Normally 249


Stereo Microphone Kit
The Roland CS-15S twin cardioid stereo microphone is the perfect external microphone option for Roland's R-05 recorder as well as any other solid state sound recorder with a mini-jack mic input. It comes bundled with a desktop stand, a hand-held mount, and a windscreen. More...



Normally 109


Connectronics SPEAKERFLEX-150 Loudspeaker Cable Sale
Our own-brand Connectronics SPEAKERFLEX-150 is well renowned for its superb performance in both studio monitoring and for the audiophile hi-fi enthusiast. 

For a limited time it is available at our sister website, at over 33% off its normal pricing. Get some while you can!


Normally 1.49 per metre


Now Only


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Connectronics SPEAKERFLEX-250 Loudspeaker Cable Sale
Our own-brand Connectronics SPEAKERFLEX-250 is well renowned for its superb performance in both studio monitoring and for the audiophile hi-fi enthusiast. 

For a limited time it is available at our sister website, at over 40% off its normal pricing. Get some while you can!



Normally 2.49 per metre


Now Only


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Connectronics Microphone Leads Sale
Our own Connectronics leads are acknowledged to be market leaders for quality, robustness and flexibility. They also represent very good value. And we are currently offering even better value than ever if you click on the BUY LEADS link on the right which will take you to our LEADS SALE page at our sister website,


You will find all sorts of our leads there in varying lengths and a host of colours.




Keep an eye on this page for more.





A product is sometimes graded as 'B-Stock' by its manufacturer for one of the following reasons:

  • It has initially failed the manufacturer's quality control (QC) because of a minor issue, which has then has been corrected and submitted to QC again, and passed.

  • It has been returned to the manufacturer within a few days of sale because of a minor fault. The manufacturer has then corrected the fault, tested the product and repacked it in its original packaging (which may be slightly marked).

  • It has been used by the manufacturer as a demo or display item, then tested and repacked in its original packing (which may be slightly marked).

The relevant reason the B-Stock grade has been applied to a particular product above will be included in its description. Please note that, whatever the reason for the B-Stock grading, the product will still come to you with the manufacturer's 12-month warranty as if it was being sold as new.


This simply means a group of items have been 'bundled' together at a single price. The cost of any individual item in a bundle will be lower than if it was purchased on its own without the other items in the bundle.


A discontinued model is one that has ceased manufacture and may or may not have been replaced by a new model.


The item has been either been demonstrated to a customer, or loaned to a customer for evaluation. This means it has been taken out of its box and used (or 'played with') for the purposes of determining if it is suitable for the customers application. It will not have been used on an actual job. It is therefore, to all intents and purposes, a new product and will come to you with its normal manufacturer's 12-month warranty as if it was being sold as new.


This means we are carrying more stock of this item than we need and that we are selling it at a lower price to help clear our shelves for other items. The item is brand new.


This item is being offered at a special lower price than usual because we have managed to negotiate a better buy-in price with our supplier. Specials may only be available within a specified time frame and are always subject to availability.

Used by Us

The item has been used by us to learn about it and to refer to when supporting a customer on the phone. It has not been heavily used and is not usually marked unless specifically mentioned above. It will be sold with normal manufacturer's 12-month warranty as if it was being sold as new.


The item has been used by a customer and has been sold back to us, perhaps in a part-exchange arrangement. If we have bought it and we are offering it here it will be either unmarked or only very lightly marked, and it will be in full working order. Its exact condition and type of guarantee will normally be included in its description above.








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