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  • 24-bit/96kHz linear PCM high-resolution,
    low-noise recording

  • High-grade, high-sensitivity stereo
    condenser microphones built in

  • Records to SD/SDHC memory card

  • Compact, hand-held design for convenient portable use

  • Large, wide-view OLED display

  • Preview speaker built in

  • Wireless remote control included

  • High-speed file transfer via USB 2.0 connection to computer

  • Cakewalk "Pyro Audio Creator LE" wave-editing software included

  • Now with FREE Leather Case with
    Operational Cut-Outs & Integral Mic Stand/Tripod Attachment Screw Plate

Great for small meetings

R-9HR Battery Compartment (2 x AA)

R-09HR box contents





Refined Digital Audio Notebook
(originally branded Edirol R-09HR)

Previously marketed under Roland's Edirol branding the R-09HR has become a standard in hand-held solid state sound recording. If Edirol's previous best-selling R-09 defined the art of the digital audio notebook, then the R-09HR refines it and takes it to a new level. In both features and performance. You can really feel the the depth of quality in its handling and feel.
The R-09HR is an innovative personal recorder that you can use in a host of situations. For musicians who want to experience precise audio reproduction of live music and rehearsals, the R-09HR is ideal. For songwriters, whenever that moment of inspiration strikes, it ensures you can instantly capture that magical idea. For broadcasters, soundmen, journalists and podcasters, the R-09HR enables you to sample audio for the world to hear with superb detail and clarity that belies its low cost.

Now with updated firmware delivering new features including:

  • Self Timer Record function

  • Editing (Divide and Combine recordings)

  • Metronome

  • Tuners (instrument type & graphic type for pitch training with voice & wind instruments)

  • Rehearsal Function

  • Trim & MP3 Convert

  • ECO Mode



24bit/96kHz linear PCM + IARC

Experience precise audio reproduction and clarity with a wider dynamic range when using the higher bit & sample rates that the R-09HR offers. The R-09HR supports up to 24bit/96kHz linear PCM recording, which has over twice the digital audio resolution of a standard audio CD. IARC is a newly developed, dedicated analogue circuit optimized for recording with the R-09HR's onboard A/D converter. Electrolytic capacitors provide stable, reliable power with an independent power source for the analogue circuitry, and another power source for the digital circuit board, thus eliminating DC interference between components in the R-09HR. The IARC also contributes to higher quality, lower noise .mp3 recording with the R-09HR.

Enhanced stereo microphone

An enhanced professional quality stereo microphone is built right into the R-09HR, complete with a dedicated analogue input control, mono/stereo selector, low-cut filter, limiter/AGC (Auto Gain Control), and a gain boost. The onboard electret condenser microphone elements are very compact, ultra-sensitive, and placed to capture three-dimensional sound naturally and accurately. To further avoid possible noise interference from internal components, the microphone housing is separated from the main circuit board. (For use an external microphone such as the Audio Technica PRO24 or the Edirol CS-15, the R-09HR offers a 1/8" stereo mic input.)


Compact and tactile

Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, the R-09HR has a new tactile feel that is easy to grip. It also has a user-friendly graphic display for ultra easy operation. The large 1.5" OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display provides wide viewability, at-a-glance level meters, peak indicators, and additional recording information on the screen.


Preview Monitor (In-Built Mini-Speaker)

Without headphones you can easily check your recordings thanks to the preview monitor speaker in the rear panel.

Wireless Remote Control included

With the included wireless remote controller, transport functions such as recording start/playback start, fast forward, rewind, volume control, and input level control can be accessed from a distance away. This allows the R-09HR to be placed in exactly the right position for recording, and allows for quick and easy touch-less operation.

R-09HR Editing & Audio Tools

The R-09HR comes with Cakewalks PYRO Audio Creator LE CD-ROM. This software is perfect for WAV/MP3 audio file editing. To trim cut, or fade audio sections, to burn audio collections to CD, publish a web page with sounds, to publish a blog with audio, to podcast an interview or performance, and so on. With PYRO the R-09HR package becomes truly a complete recording solution suite from recording to CD-burning. Cakewalk PYRO Audio Creator LE is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7.


Wide variety of optional accessories

Perfect for many recording applications from rehearsals, recitals, concerts, interviews, podcasts, research, photo journaling, law enforcement, to nature and field recording, and business meetings, the R-09HR's list of optional accessories are useful to pros and novices alike (scroll down this page to our Edirol R-09HR Webshop for details).



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