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  • Shirt Pocket-sized linear PCM recorder

  • Up to 24bit/96kHz sampling rate

  • WAV/WMA/MP3 file formats

  • 3 microphones - stereo cardiods plus
    centre omni

  • 4GB internal memory

  • microSD slot for extra memory

  • 2 second Pre-record function

  • Rechargeable batteries & USB charging function

  • Partial Erase, File divide, move and copy





Lightweight Solid State Recorder for your Shirt Pocket

The consistently popular Olympus LS-11 and LS-5 now have a little brother, the LS-3. If the compact LS-11 & LS-5 aren't small enough for you, the diminutive LS-3 really is a take-me-anywhere design concept that fits in literally every pocket. But, despite its size it still perfoms. Great sound quality, smooth operation and a durable metal shell. Despite its minimal weight - just 90g with batteries - and its incredibly small size, it is packed with advanced sound engineering. Better-than-CD quality sound (24bit/96kHz PCM format), two directional microphones with 90° orientation for most natural stereo recording, plus an omnidirectional centre microphone capable of capturing lower bass ranges with excellent clarity. There's even a pre-recording option, which enables you to start recording up to 2 seconds before you press the recording button. The built-in 4GB memory will hold 6 hours at CD-quality or 65 hours of recording time in popular mp3 format (@128 kbps). If that’s still not enough you can extend the recording capacity using its microSD(HC) card slot. Furthermore, the LS-3 comes with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and an internal USB charging function making it ideal for people on the move. Whether you’re a journalist, a musician looking to record practice sessions, shows or song ideas, a nature enthusiast with a passion for capturing bird songs, a choir or theatre director, or simply anyone who demands exceptionally clear, crisp sound, from a shirt pocket-sized recorder, the LS-3 is it.


Top surface showing the 3 mics

Optional RS30W Remote
Transmitter & Receiver

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With the LS-3 you get: Sonority Editing Software; 2 x NiMH Rechargeable Batteries; Hand Strap; Foam Windshield; KP-22 USB Cable; Instruction Manual




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