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Olympus LS-12 Handheld Portable Audio Recorder

  • Pro recordings made easy with Mode Dial
    & Smart Mode

  • Built-in 2Gb Flash Memory plus SD card
    slot for up to 32Gb extra capacity

  • Up to 24bit/96kHz sampling rate

  • Two internal mics

  • Up to 130dB SPL

  • Low-cut Filters at 100 & 300Hz

  • PCM (WAV) & MP3 recording formats

  • Two AA batteries give you up to 50 hours

  • Metronome, tuner & overdubbing

Olympus LS-12 Handheld Portable Audio Recorder, top surface with mics

Top surface showing the 2 mics





The musician's budget notebook with Smart Mode level control

Whilst the consistently popular Olympus LS-11 & LS-5 continue to be the staple of the broadcaster for interviews and features, Olympus also offer the LS-12 & LS-14 for the musician. These two are very similar recorders. On this page we focus on the LS-12 (click here for our LS-14 page where you will also find a comparison between them).


Fed up with getting lost in endless on-screen menus? The LS-12 goes back to basics – without compromising recording quality. It features a single front dial that lets you choose various recording modes in an instant. Combine this with user-friendly display interfaces, an intuitive button design, a Voice Guide with audio announcements, and a Smart Mode that automatically adjusts to the optimum recording level, and it quite simple to achieve good results. It has two highly sensitive directional microphones with 90° orientation for most natural stereo recording and these will take up to an unusually high 130dB of sound pressure level (SPL) before distorting. Imagine... no clipping even when recording high SPL live shows and concerts. The built-in 2GB memory will hold 3 hours at CD-quality or over 32 hours of recording time in mp3 format (@128 kbps). You can also extend the recording capacity using its SD(SDHC) card slot (up to 32Gb). The LS-12 will record for up to 50 hours on two AA alkaline batteries or about 35 hours on a couple of rechargeables.


From the Chromatic Tuner for getting instruments in tune and the Metronome for keeping everything in time, right through to high-powered overdubbing capabilities and variable playback speed control, the LS-12 boasts features that will be music to any musician’s ears. A pre-record buffer even captures several seconds of sound before you press record, so you never miss the start of a recording.


Olympus LS-12 Handheld Portable Audio Recorder, RS30W Remote Control option
Optional RS30W Remote
Transmitter & Receiver


Olympus LS-12 Handheld Portable Audio Recorder, stand clip


CL-2 Stand/Table Clip (optional)


Olympus LS-12 Handheld Portable Audio Recorder, back panel

Olympus LS-12 Handheld Portable Audio Recorder, left & right hand side panels

Olympus LS-12 Handheld Portable Audio Recorder, SMART level control graphic

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Olympus LS-12 Handheld Portable Audio Recorder, specifications


With the LS-12 you get: Instruction Manual, 2 x AA alkaline batteries, USB cable.








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