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  • Onboard memory

  • Fits neatly into your hand

  • Clear LCD Display

  • All controls at fingertips

  • Just 2 x AA Batteries will give you 10 hours of operation!

  • Built-in / Clip-on Microphones

  • External Microphone Connection

  • Line Input

  • Internal Editor

  • Variable Pre-Record Buffer

  • Fast USB v2 Data Download

  • Menu Driven

  • Built-in Loudspeaker

  • FAT32 Format

  • Switchable Manual Record Level Control & AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

  • VOR Voice Activated Recording

  • Multi-format Recording in Linear (uncompressed WAV), MP2 & MP3

(Some features are not available
on all ARES-M Series models)







Hand-held audio recorder/player with all functions and controls at your fingertips

Audio professionals and aficionados will recognise the Nagra brand as a legend in professional audio recording. Their pedigree is of the very highest order, having provided sound recordists with cutting edge portable recording equipment since its foundation by Stefan Kudelski in 1951. The Nagra company is based in Switzerland, the home of some of the best high performance, miniature engineering in the world, and Nagra recorders have won many awards for excellence over the years, including no less than three Oscars and an Emmy.

Their smallest recorder to date - the ARES-M Series -  started in 2005 and brought the Nagra brand within reach of an even wider audience and without compromise.

A broadcast quality solid-state audio recorder, the ARES-M is principally designed to be used in any ultra-portable recording situation, as a modern replacement for tape, cassette and minidisk (MD). Its recording media is built-in (2 or 4Gb depending on model) and it will record both mono and stereo audio in PCM (uncompressed WAV), MP2 (broadcast quality compressed audio), and MP3 (internet quality audio). An ARES-M is powered by just two AA batteries, offering up to 10 hours of continuous operation.




Internal Storage

  • No need to buy a separate CF card with this recorder! Recordings in an ARES-M Series, including their marker information, are stored in its generous 2 or 4Gb internal memory bank with FAT32 format.

Template Settings

  • The ARES-M Series was created to be as flexible as possible. In order to achieve this, its operating concept is designed around a system of preset Templates, in which all the required operating modes are stored. The user can choose different parameters (internal or external microphone, recording format, AGC, pre-record buffer, etc.), and these personalised settings are then stored in a Template for future access from the LCD menu system.

  • If no specific user Template profiles are stored then an ARES-M will operate using the default factory settings (which actually cover most eventualities anyway!).

Fast, Reliable USB Connection

  • The USB v2.0 interface serves two purposes: fast file download and external DC powering.

  • When connected via USB to a PC or Mac an ARES-M mounts as a virtual drive in the explorer window or the File/Open menu of your application. You can then drag files across to the PC/Mac into a folder or editing software.

  • No drivers are needed for Windows XP/Vista/7/MacOS. Just plug and play.

Detail of Clip-On Microphone connection


Just two AA batteries needed

  • Just two AA batteries are needed to power an ARES-M for up to 10 hours (alkaline type).

  • You can also use rechargeable NiCad or NiMH cells (must be charged with a proprietary external charger). These will give you several hours on a charge (varies depending on type and make) but remember that with rechargeables you will always get less operational time than with dry-fit cells.

Voice Activated Recording

  • Here's unique feature for all you under-cover security people out there:

  • The ARES-M has a Voice Operated Recording (VOR) feature that enables it to start recording depending on its input level. You can set both the 'trigger' level at which this happens, as well as the duration of recording you want make once it has been triggered.


Data Storage medium: Internal 2GB memory
Recording Method: Digital (PCM) or Digital compression
Compression type: ISO MPEG Layer II / MPEG III
A/D & D/A conversion: 20 Bit Sigma-Delta
Sampling Rate: 8 to 48 kHz PCM and MPEG
Bit-Rates: 64 to 384 kbps
Mono/Stereo: Switchable
File Format: (.wav) or (.MP2) / (.MP3)
Dimensions: 125(H) x 53(W) x 22(D) mm (w/o clip-on mic)
Weight: 200g

Mic. Inputs:
Miniature Jack
-10dB FS for 74dB SPL
Approx. 200mV for -10dB FS (Dynamic)
Line Input:
Miniature Jack
Line Input Sensitivity:
150mV -4.4V for 0 dB FS (Max 8V)


Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm stereo connector
Line Output: 1V FS
THD at 1 kHz: 0.1 %
Frequency response: 30 Hz 20 kHz (-3 dB in EE mode)
Total dynamic range: 85 dB

Four powering options: via USB Power Supply Unit (supplied); via USB 2.0 connection with PC/Mac; via 2 x AA dry cell batteries; via 2 x AA rechargeable NiCad or NiMH batteries (proprietary external charger required)
Typical battery life: 10 hours (2 x AA dry fit alkaline cells)








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