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Rode Blimp 2 - £189

Reinhardt Soft-Zep 2 - £145

Combined Blimp-style Suspension, Grip & Windshield for Gun Microphones

Rode Blimp 2

Blimp 2's internal Rycote Lyre Suspensions

Rode Blimp 2 with Dead Wombat Furry High Wind Jacket (included in kit)

The Rode Blimp 2 is a complete windshield and shock mounting accessory for Rode's NTG-Series of shotgun microphones. It is also compatible with most third party shotgun microphone up to 325mm in length.

Now featuring the Rycote® Lyre suspension system, the Blimp 2 provides the ultimate in microphone suspension and isolation. Constructed from a single piece of hard-wearing thermoplastic, the Lyre provides superior acoustic suspension to traditional elastic solutions, and will never wear out, sag or snap.

The Blimp’s handle has also been completely redesigned, reducing the product weight significantly, while increasing the ergonomics for handheld use. Housed inside the grip is a heavy-duty Mogami cable which splits via a junction box to a highly-flexible thin cable inside the Blimp, to minimise the transference of vibration to the microphone.

With the lightweight design of the handle and suspension system the new Blimp design is over 25% lighter (550gm without microphone or Dead Wombat fitted).

The Blimp attaches to any standard boompole via 3/8" thread attachment at the base. The Universal Blimp Mount is available as an option to remove the handle when the Blimp is being used primarily on a boompole to reduce weight.

The Dead Wombat windshield, caring brush and tail/patch cable are included.

The added confidence of a full ten year warranty ensures that the Blimp is by far the best microphone windshield system available, further evidenced by a 2009 Red Dot Award and Australian International Design Award for outstanding product design.

  • Greatly reduces handling and wind noise

  • Accommodates most shotgun microphones up to 325mm (12¾”) in length

  • Rycote® Lyre Suspension system

  • Attaches to boompole via 3/8" thread attachment at the base (see our boompole selection here)

  • Dead Wombat windshield and tail cable included

The Rode Blimp 2


This video shows the new features and improvements in latest version of Rode's famous and popular Blimp.



Rode Blimp 2 Combined Windshield, Suspension & Grip for Rode NTG-1, NTG-2 & NTG-3 and most Short Shotgun Microphones - IN STOCK


£209 each including Vat


Low-cost, highly effective Windshield, Grip & Cover for virtually all short shotgun mics


Reinhardt's Soft-Zep 2 is a simple, low-cost and lightweight all-in-one windshield, grip and furry cover for your shotgun microphone. Unlike some solutions, Soft-Zep 2 is simplicity itself. There are none of the fiddly balancing acts of some systems where you have to fit your delicate microphone into cradles and suspensions, then hope the windshield fits over it all properly, and so on.

With Soft-Zep 2 you just slide your shotgun mic into the hole in the open cell foam core at the back of the windshield and you're done. Furthermore, once fitted, your microphone is completely protected against high wind whilst minimising high frequency attenuation, so you do not suffer from a lack of top end in your recordings as often happens with some other windshields.

The Soft-Zep 2 is ultra lightweight (only 390gms) and ultra robust. Its grip is made from Kraton rubber with soft gel inserts for a really comfortable hand-holding experience over many hours on set.

  • 'One size fits all' for pretty well every shotgun mic

  • Extremely lightweight - 390gms (14oz)

  • Quick and easy mic mounting and demounting for convenient mic filter switching between takes

  • No bayonets, screws or fiddly holders to wrestle with

  • Permanently mounted high grade fur cover

  • Screw thread in base of handle for boom pole mounting


Reinhardt Soft-Zep 2 Windshield, Grip & Cover for virtually all Short Shotgun Microphones - NORMALLY IN STOCK


£145 each including Vat






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