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  • Easy Operation

  • Robust build quality for use in harsh conditions

  • Time Shift Recording (TSR)

  • Smart Power Management

  • Up to 5 hours non-stop operation

  • Operational under Extreme Environmental Conditions

  • On-board Editing via LCD Graphical User Interface

  • Real Time ISDN Communications

  • Full Compatibility





Heavy Duty Audio Heaven


The Easycorder is Maycom’s second generation of professional portable solid State recorders, and has proven itself time and time again in the most harsh environments in the world - war zones, storms, political demonstrations, deserts, jungles and more.

In short, the Easycorder is made for conditions under which other solid state sound recorders would probably fail.

Loved by professional users for its ruggedness, versatility and reliability, the Easycorder is, in effect, the complete recording studio and editor all-in-one. A unique toolkit for the sound recordist on a mission!

Using state-of-the-art electronics in its mic preamps, limiter, AD and DA converters recordings are of quite outstanding audio quality.

A large illuminated LCD, positive control buttons with both mechanical and electronic lock during recording, large ganged/locked gain level adjustment and a preset system form an easy-to-operate user interface.

Due a a wide range of supported audio and file formats the Easycorder integrates seamlessly with all major broadcast automation systems, enabling you to get your scoop on the air as fast as possible.

In short, the battle-proven Easycorder is the ideal reporter’s toolkit for achieving the best recordings under the worst conditions, and then delivering the material from anywhere to anywhere in the world, in the easiest way!

Hence the name: Easycorder.




  • Time shift recording loops your recording in a 20-second buffer until you really start the recording. This means you will never accidentally miss that revealing remark at the start of your interview!

  • Smart Space Recording (SSR) starts and stops recording on modulation.

  • Mechanical and electronic lock during recording avoids accidental disruption.


  • Internal Flash Memory. A solid state, reliable and non-removable storage medium provides storage capacity for several hours if need be. Although the two standard versions come with either 128Mb and 256Mb, you may specify internal storage of up to 2Gb to special order, if required.

  • A PC-Card slot on the left hand side of the Easycorder means you can add removable flash cards of up to 2Gb each.


  • Optional real time ISDN communication is possible with playback capability using real time audio conversion.

  • File transfer via ISDN, modem & GSM.


  • Graphical representation of audio is clearly shown on the Easycorder’s large LCD.

  • Simple non-destructive cut, copy, paste and insert editing is possible based on markers placed during recording or playback.

  • Undo and Redo functionality is provided.


  • Compatible with all major broadcast automation systems. Marker information and BWF header information fields are available in DAVID, Netia, Dalet, CoStar and many others.

  • Compatible with almost all common ISDN codecs including Telos, CCS, Re, AEQ and many others. 

EASYCORDER SPECIFICATIONS | info | pdf | manual |

Signal to noise ratio: >85dB
Crosstalk: <80dB
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20,000Hz
Harmonic Distortion: <0.05%

Audio processing: Linear WAV / MPEG-2 layer II
Audio modes: Mono / mono-mix / stereo / stereo / j-stereo / m-stereo
Bit rate: 8kbps to 384kbps
Sample rate: 11.025kHz up to 48kHz
File formats: BWF / WAVE / AIFF / MP2

ISDN Option
Audio processing: MPEG-2 layer II / G.711 / G.722
Audio modes: Mono / mono-mix
Bit rate: 64kbps
Sample rate: 24kHz and 48kHz
D-channel protocol: Austel / CT1 / DSS1 / NI1 / 5ESS / VN3

Analogue in:
2 x latching XLR mic/line inputs
Mic balanced: -60dBu/-40dBu; Line balanced: 0dBu
Digital in: 1 x RCA Phono (S/PDIF) with sample rate conversion
Audio switches: line/mic input; mic -20db; phantom power (off, 12V, 48V); rumble filter (off/on); limiter (off/on)

Analogue out: 2 x XLR balanced outputs max. +13dB, typical +6dB
Digital out: 1 x RCA phono (S/PDIF), 1 x XLR balanced (AES/EBU)
Headphones: 1 x 6.3mm stereo jack
Speaker: 1 x integrated speaker with max. 2W output

AC Adapter: 100-240VAC / 12-24VDC
Battery pack option: NiMH smart battery (charge life: 5.5 hours min)
Charge time: 2 hours max.
Battery holder: 8 x C-sized alkaline batteries

Environment Operation: -20ºC to +70ºC, storage –30ºC to +85ºC
Weight: 2.4kg (inc. battery pack)
Internal storage: Flash memory
External storage:
Compact Flash Card in PCMCIA Adaptor /PCMCIA Flash Card /  PCMCIA Hard Disk
Interface: Parallel ECP / PC Card socket (type III)








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