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We've sold Marantz Professional recorders ever since they came out with their first solid state digital recorder, the PMD660 way back in the naughties. The one we called "The Recording Brick" and the name stuck!

Indeed, for years before digital we sold their professional portable cassette recorders to broadcasters and other pro users. So Marantz Professional have been a staple broadcast industry standard for decades now.


What's happened to their recorders now?
Why do we no longer have them for sale on our site?

The simple answer to the first question is we don't know. They discontinued their best selling PMD661MkIII a little while ago with no explanation and apparently no immediate intention to replace it with anything. And if they're no longer making recorders we can't offer them for sale!

It's a puzzle. Maybe it has something to do with Covid, who knows?


What alternatives should you consider?

If you wanted a Marantz PMD661MkIII have a close look at these two recorders...

 TASCAM DR-100 Mk3


If you were still looking for the older and more compact Marantz PMD620Mk2 then this one is really superb. We have some of these in quite a few broadcast niches the best known one being the BBC's Panorama programme...



Will Marantz Professional be back with some new kit?

We have no idea. But if they do return rest assured we will be showing it here on our website as we have in the past.

Meanwhile I hope we may help you with the excellent alternatives mentioned above.









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