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  • Digital Hard Disc recording in a variety of formats

  • Instant CD burning

  • No need for a PC

  • Convenience and portability with one-touch record operation

  • Flexible record modes – Pre-Record, Background Record

  • Silent Skip, Adjustable Auto Track

  • Professional hardware from input to output

  • Optional wired remote control





Portable HD/CD Recorder

This is not strictly a solid state recorder but we have included it in our roster of products for those who require or prefer to have an immediate CD of their recordings without first having to transfer them from their flash card to a PC.

Whether for documentation, duplication, or archiving, the audio compact disc promotes confidence through its permanence, universality and portability; but while digital recording and CD burning have been commonplace for several years, existing hardware has lacked the go-anywhere flexibility and ease of use that users have come to expect in the digital age. The CDR310 changes this because it is a truly portable and reasonably affordable HD field recorder with in-built CD recording capability. 



Hard Drive Onboard

An on-board hard drive records in your choice of formats: CD-DA, uncompressed WAV and AIFF, or MP3. The system records high quality, 16-bit audio at a 44.1 kHz sample rate, and the hard drive holds up to 110 hours of material (MP3 mono). You simply select the file type before recording, and the CDR310 handles the rest.

Instant CD Burning

At the conclusion of your meeting or event, your audio file can be burned to CD instantly. At the conclusion of recording, simply press the Make CD button and the CDR310 will ask if you want to burn to a CD. Just follow the on-screen prompts, and your disc will be ready in minutes. For events over 80 minutes long in CD-DA format, the CDR310 offers CD Split burning, dividing the contents over multiple discs automatically.

Convenience & Portability

One-touch record operation and an easy-to-read LCD status screen ensure fault-free recording, even for non-technical operators. Its lightweight design and battery operation capability makes the CDR310 equally at home inside an office or out in the field. When there’s no wall outlet around, the unit accepts AA alkaline batteries, or optional Ni-Cd and Ni-MH rechargeables. Using the optional RB1651 Ni-MH battery, the CDR310 delivers up to 4 hours of continuous operation.

Multi-Mode Recording Features

The CDR310 incorporates Pre-Record mode along with Background Record to capture all the action. By simply powering up, the Pre-Record mode is engaged. This creates a rolling buffer of recorded audio, up to 10 seconds long (user selectable). So if your meeting or event starts unexpectedly, you’re protected. Once the event has begun, the Rec-Pause function activates Background Record mode. If there’s a break in the action, just hit Pause. If anything vital happens, it’s captured on the CDR310’s hard drive. When the meeting officially resumes and you release the Pause control, the CDR310 gives you the option of deciding whether to keep the audio captured during Background Record. Another easy-to-use option is Silent Skip recording. This function uses voice activation to save disc space by automatically pausing during quiet passages, creating a tighter, more client friendly recording.

Professional Hardware

Analogue line level and balanced high performance XLR microphone inputs are included, as well as S/PDIF-format digital I/O with high quality A-D converters. The CDR310 also provides +48V phantom power, and even has an integrated condenser microphone and playback speaker right on board. Remote control is also available by using the optional RC600.


Optional Wired Remote

It would be great if every recording situation had a field engineer running everything behind the scenes. Unfortunately, all to often it's just you, wishing you had more hands. The RC600 wired remote control enables you to start and stop recording. It has a peak meter right on the remote, so you can keep an eye on your recording, without taking your eye off the ball.

MARANTZ CDR310 SPECIFICATIONS | info | pdf | manual | accessories | buy |

Digital Audio Systems
System: HD/CD Recorder
Temporary Recording Media: 1-inch HDD (4Gb)
Writeable Media: CD-R (CD-DA, ISO9660)
Channels: 2 (stereo); 1 (mono)
Recording Formats: MP3 (.mp3) (MPEG Audio Layer III) compression; WAVE (.wav) (16 bit linear PCM); AIFF (.aif) (16 bit linear PCM); CD-DA (.cda) (16 bit linear PCM)
Recording Bit Rate: MP3 mono
64kbps, MP3 stereo 128kbps
Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
Number of Channels: 2 (stereo), 1 (mono)
Maximum Recording Times: MP3: 55hrs (stereo), 110hrs (mono); PCM: 5hrs (stereo), 10hrs (mono)
Audio Performance
Frequency response: 40 -20,000Hz (-1dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio: LINE 92dB; MIC 66dB
Total harmonic distortion: LINE 0.03% at 0db VU (PCM); MIC 0.08%
Dynamic range: 88dB
MIC IN L/R: XLR (1:GND, 2:HOT, 3:COLD), Input sensitivity: 1mV rms /6.5k ohms
Maximum Input Level: 70mVrms (20dB pad off)
Phantom Power: DC +48V, 5mA
Input sensitivity: 500 mVrms /20k ohms
Remote 1 (Contact Closure): 1/10" (2.5mm) TRS mini-jack
Remote 2 (MIC Remote RC600PMD): 1/8" (3.5mm TRS mini-jack
Input Impedance: 75 Ohms
Standard Input Level: 0.5Vp-p
Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
Format: S/PDIF (IEC958 Type II)
Standard level: 2Vrms max. /2k ohms
Digital Out: RCA Phono, Coaxial
Output Impedance: 75 Ohms
Standard Output Level: 0.5Vp-p
Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
Format: S/PDIF (IEC958 Type II)
Headphone: 1/4" (6.5mm) jack, Output power: 8mW /32 ohms
Speaker Output power: 90mW /4 ohms
DC Power (DA670PMD only): DC 15V
Power consumption:
5W (DC) in Record/Play; 0.3W (DC) in Standby
Recording/Playback Battery life (Alkaline): 4 Hours (typical)
Dimensions: Width 9.7" (247mm), Height 2.4" (60mm),
Depth 7.2" (184mm)
Weight (w/o batteries): 2lbs 14oz (1.3kg)
Included Accessories
AC adapter (DA670PMD)
8 x AA Battery Holder
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