TransPedal-2015 TranScribe software - how does it work?

Your TransPedal-2015 uses TranScribe transcription software in a tab in Google's Chrome* browser. To enable TranScribe to be controlled by your TransPedal-2015 a free Chrome extension must first be downloaded (setup instructions are provided). This takes seconds and that's it - there's no complex head-scratching procedure to go through at all. And after that you don't even have to be connected to the internet for TranScribe to work.

Once you're up and running here's the screen you'll work with...



Nice and clear, isn't it? An example of some transcribed text from our TransPedal-2015 webpage is shown. As each individual letter is typed it is saved on your computer so you are always sure of retaining your work as you transcribe. When you've finished you can then click on the export button to send it to Word (in .doc format) or even just cut and paste to wherever you need the text to appear.

It would be hard to find something so intuitive and simple to operate and it really makes our TransPedal-2015 into the complete transcription solution!

*TranScribe is designed to work in Chrome and no other browser at the time of writing. Chrome was chosen for various good technical reasons but mainly because it is the world's most popular browser. If you don't normally use Chrome yourself then, of course, you can still download it free from Google and just use it to run TranScribe and for nothing else.