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  • Stereo recorder (to SDHC card) with analogue
    3-channel audio mixer

  • Top mounted detachable camera-mount

  • 3 x tripod screw holes on unit base for mounting on various camera rigs

  • Remote Start function allows the DSLR camera’s video recording to start/stop in sync with the REC button

  • Compatible with off-the-shelf wired remote controller (such as Panasonic DMW-RS1 or equivalent)

  • 3 XLR inputs with Limiter and High Pass Filter

  • 48V Phantom power for use with condenser microphones

  • Microphone Out in addition to Line Out to send stereo mix to the camera

  • Headphone monitoring of Left/Stereo/Right/ Return

  • Auto Slate Tone (1kHz / sine wave) function convenient for subsequent synchronization

  • USB for file transfer as well as USB audio output for for PC recording and live streaming

  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries (approx. 4 hours operation with NiMH batteries) or external
    DC (9 - 24V)

  • Robust, yet light weight extruded aluminum chassis

  • Can be used as an independent portable mixer/recorder





High Resolution Audio Recorder/Mixer for DSLR Video Production

Many DSLRs can now capture HD video. Those that have microphone inputs have pretty poor quality microphone preamplification. Most do not have headphone monitoring or metering capabilities, and none have on-board audio mixers. Enter the purpose built Fostex DC-R302.

The DC-R302 is a professional solid state stereo recorder with an on-board 3-channel microphone/line mixer. These features along with Fostex's famously outstanding in-built microphone preamplifers complete today's HD video-capable DSLRs making them truly good enough for commercial output. Recording pristine quality stereo audio direct to SD cards, the DC-R302 enables your DSLR to be used in field production applications by simplifying the capture process, allowing the camera operator to operate the recorder and camera at the same time. Its Remote Start function allows the DSLR camera’s video recording to start/stop in sync with the DC-R302's REC button (uses infra-red or wired connection).

Housed in a rugged, extruded aluminium chassis the DC-R302 combines Fostex’s usual high pedigree of electronic engineering and mechanical construction with a compact footprint and high-quality componentry. Main features of this no-compromise unit include up to 24bit/96kHz stereo recording to SDHC cards, 3 channel mic/line mixer with XLR inputs, 48V Phantom Power, limiters and high pass filters, slate tone, flexible on-board headphone monitoring, remote DSLR control and large LCD metering.

In short the Fostex DC-R302 has been designed from the ground up as an all-in-one DSLR audio solution: 3 XLR inputs, headphone monitoring, metering & stereo recording. Brilliantly done.


Click here to watch a quickie video of the DC-R302
Inset pictures below showing side panels, battery compartment and SD Card slot

Regrettably the DSLR in our main photo does not come with a DC-R302 which is a shame. But you probably have one already and a DC-R302 completes the picture.

FOSTEX DC-R302 SPECIFICATIONS | info | pdf | manual | accessories | media | buy |





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