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  • iPhone Audio Dock

  • Improves audio capture capability & quality of the iPhone 4

  • Outstanding AD/DA Convertors

  • 3 x Stereo Mic/Line Inputs

  • 4-Stage LED Level Meter

  • Gain Control Thumb Wheel

  • Free iPhone 4 App available at Apple's iTunes App Store

  • Live Audio/Video Streaming

Each side of the AR-4i without the iPhone 4 fitted.
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Audio Interface Dock for iPhone 4/4S

No, it's not a Dalek. The primary purpose of this device is to enable the audio capture quality of your iPhone 4 or 4S to become good enough for broadcast use.

Whilst the iPhone 4/4S takes pretty good HD quality video, there’s one issue that lets it down completely - its pretty dreadful sound quality. The iPhone 4's mini internal microphone only records in mono and you have no control over it. So this is where the innovative Fostex AR-4i comes in. It delivers broadcast quality stereo audio recording via its Dock connector and in-built AD/DA converter. And with its LED input level metering, gain control and headphone monitoring, the AR-4i has been designed to provide better control of your dramatically improved sound quality.

The AR-4i's enhanced audio versatility transforms an iPhone 4/4S into a serious  professional tool. For example, in ENG applications where budgets are tight, it turns an iPhone 4 into a high quality, hard working audio/video capture device for streaming audio & video to web services such as UStream. And, in radio, reporters can conduct an interview and then immediately send it from their iPhone 4 to their station for airing within minutes. No wonder national and local broadcasters are ordering the AR-4i in significant quantities.


• iPhone App

A dedicated, easy to use iPhone App is available for the AR-4i and this provides intuitive control of input level, microphone setting, equalisation, filters, etc.

The App can be download from Apple's iTunes App Store by clicking here


We defy you not to smile during the following video demo...


  • 2 x plug-in powered condenser cardioid type microphones with pop-shields supplied.  Third-party microphones can also be used.

  • Headphone output for recording & playback monitoring

  • Long operation time with 2 x AAA alkaline batteries for 8 to 10 hours

  • Supplied with a sturdy hand grip

  • 2 x threaded tripod mounts on the bottom and side

FOSTEX AR-4i SPECIFICATIONS | info | pdf | manual | app | accessories | buy |


Connector: 3.5mm dia stereo mini
Input impedance: more than 2k ohm
Gain: -12 / -59.5dB (variable)
Plug-in power: 2.5V (continuous)
Level Meter LED: 4-dot (doubles as system status indicator)

Connector: 3.5mm dia stereo mini
Loaded impedance:  more than 16k ohm
Maximum output: 15mW (32 ohm loaded, THD less than 0.1%)

Frequency Response: 20Hz / 20kHz +-4dB (Mic-Phones / 15mW / 32ohm loaded)
Signal to Noise Ratio: more than 73dB (Mic-Phones / Input gain maximum)

Physical dimensions: 735 (W) x 106(H) x 50(D)mm incl. protrusion, Hand Grip: 235mm dia x 101mm excl. screw
Weight (approx): 200g (main) / 102g (hand grip)
Power: 2 x AAA batteries (alkaline 3V / Nih 2.4V)
External Power: USB mini B type (5V)
Power Consumption: 0.3W
Accessories: 2 x cardioid plug-in mics, Hand grip, Carrying bag, 2 x AAA batteries


NB: AR-4i works with iOS 4.2 or higher




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