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  • Recording to a SD/SDHC card

  • Supports WAV (PCM) and MP3 format

  • Half-rack 1U size

  • OLED display

  • Balanced and unbalanced audio input

  • Serial Remote (RS232)

  • Contact closure remote control (Foot Pedal Remote)

  • Connecting to PC via USB

  • Marking and Mark search

  • Audible Quick Search

  • Various playback modes (Single/Continuous, Repeat, Random)

  • Power On Auto Play

  • Easy file search with Jog Wheel

  • Headphones with Level Control






Professional Half-Rack Width Solid State Recorder

The DN-F450R offers simplified, cost competitive solid state recording and playback for studio or installation, and it can either be used standalone of rackmounting (rack mounting adaptors are provided). Derived from the DN-F650R, this half-rack sized unit enables recording and playback to and from SD/SDHC flash memory cards, with USB connectivity to PC for file management and transfer. Balanced analogue inputs on XLR are featured alongside unbalanced I/O. Stereo and mono audio channels are simultaneously available, and PCM WAV and MP3 file formats are supported, with the same sample rate and bit rate selectivity as the DN-F650R. Serial and contact closure remote control are supported, and a headphone out with volume control is included. Selectable playback modes, power on auto play, marking and mark search, audible quick search, and easy file search with the front panel jog wheel are all featured.

DN-450R comes with Denon's DMP Mark Editor

The Windows DMP Mark Editing software that comes on a CD-ROM with both the DN-450R and DN-650R enables you to edit the files and location marks recorded on your media.

Main Functions:

Plays back, copies, divides and merges files.

Adds and deletes marks.



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