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Denon DN-F300 Media Player

  • 1U rack/stand-alone chassis

  • Plays WAV (44.1 kHz) and MP3 files

  • SD/SDHC cards (up to 32 GB) and USB
    (sticks or self-powered HDDs)

  • 20% pitch control + tempo adjust

  • Microphone input with independent level
    control and music ducking

  • Random, Repeat Dir., Repeat All play modes

  • A-B Repeat

  • Next track select function

  • Easy front panel navigation

  • HP jack with level control

  • Master level control

  • Removable rack ears

Denon DN-F300 Media Player, Remote Control





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A full function professional audio media player to replace disc or tape based replay systems. The DN-F300 has no moving parts and hence it will be far more reliable than traditional CD or tape play-out devices, and will provide enhanced reliability and considerably longer working life.
Denon DN-F300 Media Player, Maedi Card detailSimply plug your pre-prepared SD/SDHC card or USB stick into the relevant slot in the DN-F300 and then, using all of the advanced replay functions provided, you have the perfect replay tool for a myriad of demanding applications, including Background Music (BGM), Fitness/Aerobics and Broadcast play-out.

Housed in a compact 1U-rackspace enclosure, the DN-F300 offers users a versatile solid state audio player at an extremely cost-effective price point. The DN-F300 also has an infra-red (IR) remote control (see left) and a microphone input, making it perfect for fitness and dance applications as well as BGM playback in shops and other public environments.
Denon DN-F300 Media Player, Control detail

Additionally, the mic input has a music ducking facility, which helps for paging in BGM applications. It also features 20% pitch control, a wide selection of playback modes, A-B Repeat function, Next Track Select, and many other useful functions (see the DN-F300 datasheet here for further details).

Denon DN-F300 Media Player, Rear Panel

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