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Because batteries are so much a part of our lives we often take them for granted. Some may say they are all the same. This is not true.

We have looked at pretty well all the leading brands of battery and charger and one name stands out - Ansmann. This German company has built a reputation for superior product performance and quality. Their products are continuously winning top positions in independent consumer tests across Europe, including 'Which'. We've also found that Ansmann products are quite modest in their performance claims, only to show their outstanding class when put to serious use. Many of their product reviews bear this out.

Of course, you will have no trouble finding lower cost chargers and batteries. But, as ever, you get what you pay for. Ansmann chargers and batteries are premium quality products, so their kit delivers better performance, reliability and longevity. For only a little more money you get much more value. That is why we offer only Ansmann batteries and chargers here at Solid State Sound.

Charger & Battery Sets    

Professional AC Charger, Tester & USB Power Supply

with a Set of 4 x AA Rechargeable Batteries & Worldwide Plug-Tops

The POWERLINE 4 WORLD is a complete professional charger and battery set which will charge up to four AA or AAA batteries as well as powering your solid state sound recorder (or phone) with its built-in USB power supply. Its LCD screen shows the charge state of each battery. It may be used internationally due to its switch mode power supply and a complete set of worldwide plug-tops are provided. The perfect device if you often use your recorder on AC power as well as with batteries, and you need to travel.

  • Charger-set including 4x AA 2100mAh NiMH maxE-rechargeable Batteries

  • Suitable for NiMH/NiCd rechargeable batteries

  • USB charging socket included (output: 5V / 1A)

  • Percentage indication of battery voltage and charging status

  • Charging current for round cells: 450mA

  • Individual cell supervision

  • Multiple over-charging protection and auto cut-off

  • Trickle charge

  • Alkaline and faulty cell detection

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • For worldwide use (100V-240V)

  • Worldwide Mains Plug-Tops provided

  • Dimensions: 105mm x 65mm x 27mm

  • Weight: 83g

  • 3 years warranty


Ansmann POWERLINE 4 WORLD Charger & USB Power Supply


36 each including Vat



Professional Charger, Discharger, Refresher, Tester & USB Power Supply

The POWERLINE 4 PRO will charge, discharge, refresh and test up to four AA or AAA batteries as well as powering your solid state sound recorder (or phone) with its built-in USB power supply. It will also individually monitor each battery's voltage, capacity, time and current, and its LCD screen shows the charge state of each battery. It may be used internationally due to its switch mode power supply and both UK and Euro mains plugs are provided.  It is the perfect choice if you need to charge via AC mains or in the car, and you often use your recorder on AC power as well as with batteries.

  • Suitable for NiMH/NiCd rechargeable batteries

  • Batteries not included - these are available separately below (here)

  • Individual selectable charging programs for each charging slot: CHARGE, DISCHARGE (discharging then charging), REFRESH (Cycle of charging and discharging to refresh old batteries) and TEST (Fully charges battery - discharge battery and measures capacity - recharges battery)

  • The selected charging program can be easily read on the LCD display

  • Microprocessor controlled charging and supervision of each cell

  • Individual monitoring of the following parameters:
    VOLTAGE (V), CAPACITY (mAh/Ah), TIME (hh:mm)
    CURRENT (mA)

  • Multiple over charging protection per cell and auto cut-off function

  • Trickle charging

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • Both UK & Euro Plug Tops provided (UK top not shown in photo but it is supplied)

  • 3 years warranty

  • Dimensions: 119mm x 67mm x 31mm

  • Weight: 310g

  • Click here for more info


Ansmann POWERLINE 4 PRO Charger & USB Power Supply


39 each including Vat

Professional Charger, Discharger, USB Power Supply

Intelligent charger with discharge function and including a USB charging socket. Once a battery is fully charged, the charging process is automatically stopped and switched to trickle charging (buffer charging with current impulses). This feature ensures optimum performance and counteracts the self-discharge of the battery. The battery can thus remain in the device until it is used. A clearly arranged LED display shows the current program mode for each charging slot separately. Should a non-rechargeable or defective battery be inserted accidentally, this will be indicated by a flashing red LED. The Powerline 8 is designed for worldwide use.

  • Charges 1-8 AA or AAA NiCd/NiMH batteries

  • USB charging socket: The USB port offers the possibility to also charge mobile devices with fixed batteries, such as smart phones

  • Individual monitoring: Each battery is individually monitored during charging, and individually charged to its maximum capacity

  • Discharging the batteries: For batteries that have become somewhat "weary" after long storage, a discharge function is available. By repeatedly discharging and charging, these batteries can be refreshed, and the capacity can be increased

  • Automatic shut-off: State of the art microprocessor-controlled charging technology with multiple overcharge protection guarantees optimally charged batteries and a gentle charging process

  • Click here to download User Manual


Ansmann POWERLINE 8 Worldwide Professional Charger & USB PSU


45 each including Vat


Rechargeable Batteries    

Our Three Grades of NiMH Rechargeable AA Cells

We offer three grades of rechargeable NiMH AA battery:

  • Grade A: Regular Use Professional 2850mAh

  • Grade B: Low Self-Discharge (LSD) 2500mAh

  • Grade C: Low Self-Discharge (LSD) 2100mAh

So which type should you buy? Well, if you're a regular user of your recorder (e.g. a broadcast journalist) then you should choose Grade A because you'll get the longer life out of a single charge. If you are an occasional user of your recorder and you need long life from a single charge then choose our Grade B batteries. And if you are an occasional user and only make short recordings then our Grade C batteries will be fine.


Our Grade B & C batteries are known as Low Self-Discharge cells (sometimes also known as 'Eneloop' batteries). This kind of battery will keep its charge longer when not in use, giving its charge a better 'shelf-life' and thus making it more appropriate for the occasional user.



GRADE A : Ansmann NiMH AA 2850mAh (Regular Use Professional) Rechargeable Batteries (Pack of 4)


19 each including Vat


GRADE B : Ansmann NiMH AA 2500mAh (Low Self-Discharge) Rechargeable Batteries (Pack of 4)


15 each including Vat


GRADE C : Ansmann NiMH AA 2100mAh (Low Self-Discharge) Rechargeable Batteries (Pack of 4)


12 each including Vat


Non-Rechargeable Batteries    

Premium Quality Non-Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries

A superior type of AA-size 1.5V alkaline battery for the professional and semi-professional user. Perfect for all the solid state recorders we sell.


Ansmann Alkaline AA Batteries x 8 (Pack of 8)


6 each including Vat


Ansmann Alkaline AA Batteries x 4 (Pack of 4)


4 each including Vat







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