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Here is our choice of practical portable location audio mixers for sound recordists and videographers. Azden prove that in this day and age it is quite possible to make a serious location sound mixer with a robust metal body housing all the features you need, and capable of delivering good performance at a sensible price. They are world renowned for their quality and performance without breaking the bank. So here is our take on location...

High Gain, Low-Noise 4-into-2 Location Mixers (Internal/External Battery or Mains Power)




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Sometimes it is simply not possible to break the bank. So it's a good job it is possible to make a serious portable audio mixer, with a robust metal body, that's capable of delivering good performance, all for a sensible, affordable price. Certainly Azden think so because their flagship FMX-42A more than proves it.


This really is a great value mixer. It gives you 4 channels of high gain, low noise floor audio with latching XLR inputs, each with switchable 48V phantom power for your condenser mics. A pair of balanced XLR outputs provide switchable mic or line level signal to your recorder or camera. Powering is via 6 x AA batteries onboard, a 12V external battery pack supply or via the optional AC mains adaptor.


Additional features include a switchable input limiter to reduce the possibility of overload distortion, Left/Centre/Right pan switches on all input channels and enhanced circuitry for improved signal-to-noise ratio. A 10-pin camera return is also provided, and it even comes with a well-designed carrying case with neck strap and fold-down covers for front panel control and side panel inputs and outputs. Overall, the Azden FMX-42A proves to be an affordable field mixing solution for film, video, ENG applications, features, documentaries, and more. And without blowing all your budget.


Also now available, the FMX-42U which is, in effect, the same as the FMX-42A but with the addition of a USB Out for interfacing with a computer, smartphone or tablet, to act as a secondary stereo audio output. This flexible feature enables the use of a mobile device or laptop computer as a backup digital recorder. Or even use the FMX-42U as an in-studio mixer for web streaming or podcasting.



Azden FMX-42A 4-Channel Location Mixer complete with Carrying Case - NORMALLY IN UK STOCK


699 each including Vat


Azden FMX-42U 4-Channel Location Mixer complete with Carrying Case - NORMALLY IN UK STOCK


699 each including Vat


Azden BC-27 Optional AC Power Adaptor to delivery 12V DC to your FMX-42A mixer from the mains (comes with all international mains plug pin types) - NORMALLY IN UK STOCK


79 each including Vat


Portabrace MXC-42A Protective padded carrying case for the Azden FMX-42A Location Mixer - TO SPECIAL ORDER - NORMALLY 2-4 WEEKS


221 each including Vat

Location Mixer for Use in DSLR Camera Productions (Internal Battery Power)


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The FMX-DSLR is a professional low noise audio mixer for use in DSLR camera based video production. An ideal mixer for recording in conjunction with a solid state sound recorder (for best quality audio) or in the camera itself. With the same advanced circuitry as Azden's top-of-the-line mixers (see elsewhere on this page) the FMX-DSLR is designed for the demanding needs of professional DSLR users and videographers.


This compact, battery operated (4 x AA) mixer can be attached directly to a camera or tripod with its integral threads (female on the bottom, male on top, or 'missionary' as we call it). This means you can combine camera control with audio control all in one convenient place for maximum productivity.


Azden FMX-DSLR main features include:

  • Two XLR microphone inputs with individual level controls

  • Switchable phantom power

  • AGC (automatic Gain Control)

  • Stereo mini-jack microphone input

  • Mini-jack line level input

  • Stereo mini-jack microphone output

  • Headphone output with level control

  • LED peak level indicators

  • Input return function (RTN) to monitor camera audio

  • Power on/low battery LED




339 each including Vat

BEHRINGER XENYX 1002B   | manual |
Ultra Low-Noise Portable 10-into-2 Microphone/Line Mixer (AC Mains or Battery Power)


With the the option of either AC mains or battery powering, here is an extremely flexible location mixer with excellent audio quality and really useful features. It provides two mono, three stereo channels and a separate stereo tape return channel, making a total of 10 inputs. All stereo channels have separate gain controls for mic and line inputs, allowing both inputs to be active. Each channel has 3-band EQ plus two aux sends, and inserts are provided on the mono channels. Phantom power and balanced inputs and outputs round out this professional package.

  • Very popular with users who need to record with up to 5 microphones in stereo on a low-cost solid state sound recorder

  • May be AC mains powered using its external (plug-back type) power supply (supplied)

  • May also be battery powered by installing 2 x 9V block batteries (type 6LR61 or PP3, available separately)

  • Will deliver phantom power to microphones either when AC mains powered or by adding a third 9V block battery to its battery compartment



Behringer Xenyx 1002B 10-into-2 Location Mixer





99 each including Vat

Mixing Control Surface for Zoom F8 & F4 Portable Field Recorders



The Zoom F-Control is an essential piece of gear for everyone who uses an F8 or F4 Multitrack Field Recorder. With F-Control, you can have total command of your recording experience.

F-Control is a mixing control surface that gives filmmakers more control and flexibility when recording in the field. It works alongside the Zoom F8 and F4 to create a complete and professional on-location audio rig.

For complete information about this powerful product please click on our menu items under the photograph on the left.

  • 9 faders (Eight + Master), each 60mm

  • 1/4" Headphone jack

  • USB port for external keyboard connection

  • Hands-on input/output control for trim, pan, and track arming

  • 12-segment LED meters for monitoring channel and output levels

  • Dedicated time code buttons

  • Track Scene edit buttons: Shortcut commands to Track Name, Scene Increment, Scene Name, Notes, and False Take screens

  • Power options: 4 x AA batteries, 4-pin HIROSE connector with external battery pack, and USB bus power via the F4 (not available with the F8)

  • Durable metal chassis

  • Compatible with Zoom F8 and F4 MultiTrack Field Recorders


Zoom F-Control Mixing Control Surface for Zoom F8 & F4 Field Recorders





350 each including Vat

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